Sons – The relationship between creatine and hair loss


Creatine, as well as a natural substance that appears in muscle cells, is a very popular choice of supplement for gym regulars who are looking to either increase their muscle mass or aid their recovery process.

However, there are some reports online suggesting that creatine and hair loss could be connected. You’ll want to know the facts before you decide what to do going forward, I’m sure.

Let’s look at whether there is a relationship between creatine and hair loss to determine whether the substance contributes to lost hair.

Does creatine cause hair loss?

Simply, there isn’t enough evidence published to state that creatine causes hair loss. There have been several personal reports from people saying hair loss has happened to them as a result of creatine, but the truth is that there could be many things causing their hair loss if their hair is shedding at all.

The human body requires at least some amount of creatine in its system in the same way it does for protein. To suggest that creatine is bad for the body is broadly false. Creatine possesses many health benefits.

That being said, you should never overdo it with the amount of supplements you are taking to build muscle. The packages you purchase will have a set amount to consume daily and you shouldn’t go far beyond that.

While it is possible that the amount of DHT hormones on your scalp could be increased by external sources, like creatine, the published data to confirm this still needs further scrutiny. Therefore, we’d hesitate to say with any degree of certainty that creatine is a direct cause of hair loss.

What to do if you’re experiencing hair loss

The majority of hair loss cases come from genetics rather than from other substances; you’ll have had the male pattern hair loss gene passed onto you down your lineage, making you more likely to experience hair loss than somebody not possessing this gene.

An effective form of treatment for an increased amount of DHT on your scalp is Finasteride. This oral tablet inhibits the conversion of testosterone into DHT, so even though creatine might not be the cause of this, you can still present your hair follicles with a much better chance of growing stronger strands.

Minoxidil works a little differently but is also extremely effective. This medication will increase the oxygen rate on your scalp as well as the blood flow so that your hair follicles will have a longer growth stage for them to flourish.

You can consider using our DHT-blocking shampoo too. As a preemptive measure, making this shampoo part of your routine helps to fight off the hormone that contributes to hair loss. For all the products on offer at Sons, check out our range today.

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