Building An App Like SIXT Clone To Offer Convenient Taxi Rentals


Without the presence of modern-day ride-hailing solutions like the SIXT clone, many businesses opt for custom app development from scratch. Not only does this method take time, but it also involves a lot of trial and error. In this blog, you will learn about the benefits and features of SIXT Clone and its supremacy in the world of app development.


Unlike many other types of on-demand businesses, launching a taxi app with rental features demands simultaneous development. You must understand that everything is interconnected whenever your customer places a booking for renting a taxi. In other words, on-demand apps require a lot of complex technology stack and development overview. In this situation, taking the help of a pre-built solution really makes a difference. Let’s understand the sub-platforms in detail.

Guide To Taxi Rental Platforms

Apart from passenger and taxi driver apps, your ride-hailing business must also have an admin panel to manage bookings and profiles. The apps are developed with the help of native programming languages like Swift and Java. Whereas, the admin panel is made of PHP. Other than that, there are web panels, billings, and dispatch platforms to handle other business processes.

Together, native apps, websites, and admin panels work in a streamlined manner once a user makes an inquiry about the taxi rental service. Therefore, without a dedicated driver app along with an admin panel, your business cannot perform in a highly competitive market. That’s why you need help with the design and development of the SIXT Clone package.

What Is SIXT Clone, And How Can It Be Used To Launch A Taxi Rental Business?

A clone app resembles similar services and features of a popular app. In this case, it is SIXT – a European mobile-based rental platform. You can test its demo to check all the additional benefits and features before investing in the whole clone app demo package. Let’s understand the workflow of the three platforms – user, driver, and admin panel – to understand the workflow of the taxi rental business in detail.

The User App

Also known as the rider app, it is the first app platform made for your taxi rental business, keeping the demands of the customers in mind. Java and Swift programming languages are used to create the user app as native apps are much better in performance under heavy load of chauffeured rides. In other words, the user will have a taxi driver waiting for them and taking them to all the destinations as per their needs.

Here is a taxi rental workflow of the SIXT Clone User App:

  • Tap on taxi booking in the user app.
  • Touch on “taxi rental” service.
  • The pickup location is automatically displayed.
  • Users can enter the drop-off location
  • Different available rental packages are displayed.
  • Tap on the “i” icon to check the fare details such as capacity, hourly package, vehicle type, etc.
  • Select the Payment Mode.
  • Touch on the Request Now button; the packages are displayed in more detail with additional fares per km and per minute.

The Driver App

Made for the taxi driver and being the second-most-important platform for car rental services, the driver app includes multiple features to keep the driver engaged. After installing the driver app, a quick registration process ensures that all the documents submitted by the drivers are legitimate, along with their personal records.

Here is a taxi rental workflow of the SIXT Clone Driver App continued after a user has just opted for a booking:

  • Taxi rental requests are sent to nearby taxi drivers.
  • Driver can accept or reject the request
  • After accepting, the driver arrives at the location and slides the “slide to arrive” button.
  • As soon as the ride starts, the driver slides the “slide to begin trip” button
  • After that, the driver confirms the OTP and taps on the “Done” button
  • Now, the Driver slides the “slide to end trip” button and ends the trip.
  • The rental charges are displayed on the payment summary screen.
  • The driver then taps on the “collect payment” button.
  • The user can either make the payment by cash or credit/debit card and in-app wallet

The Admin Panel

Unlike the User and the Driver apps, the Admin Panel manages all the data coming from the two platforms. It also manages the server capability, profiles of each new registration, notifications, and much more. The admin has all the power to see what is happening in the app on any given day and can set the surge pricing and geo-location as per the data sent from the heat maps.

Here is how an admin can add/edit a taxi rental package in a SIXT Clone Admin Panel:

  • Login to the admin panel with valid credentials.
  • Click on taxi service from the left sidebar.
  • Choose “Rental Packages”.
  • The Admin will be redirected to the Manage Rental Packages page.
  • Various Vehicle Types are displayed.
  • Click on the “Add/View” button under the Rental Packages column for the specific vehicle types.
  • A list of Rental Packages for chosen vehicle types is displayed
  • Click on the “Add New Package” button to add new rental packages
  • Click on the “Edit” icon under the Action column to edit the rental package
  • The admin can set the rental price, rental kilometer, and rental hour price per kilometer

Note that third-party developers have already made an exact replica of every step mentioned here. All you have to do is check whether it’s working by using the demo app available on the Apple and Google Play Store. Moreover, you can even find a white-label firm to address any issues you have with the SIXT Clone. However, keep in mind that you proceed only with professionals who have already been doing this kind of job for over a decade.

Custom or Clone: Which is best for launching a taxi rental business?

Taxicab bookings or ride-hailing services have been a part of modern-day on-demand apps for over a decade. To make the most of this feature, you need to add or offer something extra from your business. This could be a fresh UI/UX or a newly built feature. Still, all that matters in the end is how strong your taxi fleet is, and that is why you need to launch your business as soon as possible by investing in clones.

Hiring developers to build a scalable and robust app takes time and massive funds; a better alternative is to search for pre-built solutions made by third-party app developers. The SIXT Clone app is one of them, and white-labeling it based on your details could be the best decision of your life.


The culture of renting a taxicab with chauffeured rides has been prevalent in most big cities around the world. To make this a lot more convenient, your app must be designed to make the renting process fast and agile. Take the help of a mobile app development company that dabbles with white-label services to save the best bucks for marketing and promotional campaigns.

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