How to stop dog from licking paws home remedy?


Dogs are well-known for their inquisitive personalities, and it’s common for them to investigate their surroundings by using their jaws. Although while licking is a normal action for dogs, excessive licking of the paws might be an indication that there is a more severe issue. As a result of the potential for infections, inflammation, and hot spots, addressing the problem as soon as humanly feasible is quite necessary. In this piece, we will go over various home cures that will assist you in preventing your dog from licking its paws, which can be a very annoying behavior.

#1. Investigate the possibility of underlying health problems

It is imperative that you rule out any potential health problems that may be the root cause of your dog’s licking of his paws before attempting to correct the practice. Itchiness and irritation may be brought on by allergens, infections, and parasites, which can lead to an excessive amount of licking. Talk to your dog’s vet if you have any reason to believe that he or she may be suffering from an underlying health condition.

#2. Make sure the paws are kept clean and dry

Maintaining a clean and dry environment for your dog’s paws will help avoid inflammation and infections, both of which can lead to frequent licking. When you bring your dog home following a walk or time spent playing outside, be sure you use a clean towel to properly dry your dog’s paws. In addition, you may clean your dog’s paws on a regular basis using a paw wipe that is kind to animals and suitable for use on them.

#3. Epsom salt should be applied on the paws

Although Epsom salt may help relieve sore and itching paws, using it as a home cure to prevent paw licking can be a beneficial strategy. In a bowl filled with warm water, dissolve one cup of Epsom salt, and then bathe your dog’s paws in the mixture for ten to fifteen minutes. Do this process once a day until the licking of the paws stops happening.

#4. Vinegar of apple cider should be applied

Because of its antibacterial and antifungal qualities, apple cider vinegar may help lower the risk of infections and alleviate discomfort. Spray the mixture on your dog’s paws on a regular basis using a spray bottle filled with equal parts water and apple cider vinegar. It is also possible to use a cotton ball in order to apply the mixture straight to the paws of your dog.

#5. Use coconut oil

Because of its anti-inflammatory characteristics, coconut oil may help calm sensitive skin and minimize the desire to lick or scratch it. Every day, rub a very little quantity of coconut oil onto each of your dog’s paws. To further enhance its anti-inflammatory properties, you may combine it with a trace quantity of turmeric in a blender.

#6. Make necessary adjustments to your diet

It is possible for some dogs to acquire sensitivities to certain foods, which may result in itching and discomfort and lead to excessive licking of the paws. You should give some thought to moving your dog to a high-quality hypoallergenic feed that does not include common allergies such as wheat, soy, or dairy. For suggestions, you should speak with your pet’s doctor.

#7. Apply a bitter spray

Sprays with an unpleasant taste are a tried-and-true method for preventing excessive licking of paws. They have an ingredient that gives the paws a bitter taste, which discourages your dog from licking them and prevents your dog from becoming sick. Bitter sprays may be found at most places that sell supplies for pets, or you can make your own using apple cider vinegar and lemon juice.

#8. Provide distractions

Licking of the paws too often may be an indication of boredom or worry in your pet. It is possible to refocus your dog’s attention and minimize the temptation for them to lick if you provide them with diversions, such as interactive activities or toys that involve solving puzzles. You may also assist burn off surplus energy by engaging in other physical activities, taking your dog on walks, playing fetch, or taking part in other similar games.

In conclusion, excessive paw licking is a behavior that may be seen in dogs, and it may be an indication of underlying health difficulties, boredom, or nervousness. You may assist in stopping the habit and promoting healthy paws by giving your dog with diversions and applying the home cures described below. Nevertheless, if the licking of the paws continues or becomes worse, you should talk to your doctor about getting an accurate diagnosis and developing a treatment plan for your dog.

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